Chris Korda Announces Apologize To The Future LP

Released Sept 11 on Perlon

Releases Lead Single Overshoot w/Video Directed By Bos-Lanting

August 6, 2020 - Chris Korda is an internationally renowned multimedia artist, whose work spans nearly thirty years and includes electronic music, digital and video art, performance and conceptual art, and culture jamming.

Korda, one of the first transgender electronic music artists, has released music on labels such as Perlon, Mental Groove, and International DJ Gigolo, in a wide range of styles including electro, house, techno, ambient, jazz, and neo-classical.

Korda’s upcoming release “Apologize to the Future” is the first album entirely devoted to climate change, the singularity, economic inequality, intergenerational injustice, antinatalism, and human extinction. Musically the style is closest to electro-rap with techno and jazz influences. The 12” EP contains 1,200 words spread out over six tracks, all in rhyme, and relentlessly focused on the pivotal issues of our time, making the album at least as much a political event as a cultural one. The lyrics are scathing and told from the point of view of future generations. The entire album is written in complex polymeter, meaning many different odd time signatures are used simultaneously. Korda pioneered the use of complex polymeter in techno in the mid-1990s, and developed custom music composition software in order to master this technique. The vocals were sung by a robotic choir.

Korda today released the first single from Apologize To The Future, Overshoot. The video is a graphic depiction of the devastation climate change will wreak upon human civilization. Overshoot’s video was conceived by Korda, and features impeccably detailed hand crafted doll houses, miniature planes and cityscapes, burning, flooding and crashing, as humanity’s toll on the planet becomes evident. The video was directed by Amsterdam creatives Bos-Lanting.

Chris Korda - Apologize to the Future
Perlon Records
Release Date Sept 11th
Vinyl + digital download