A Thin Layer of Oily Rock

No illusions
Without hope
Seeing the truth
Through a telescope
Footsteps on the moon
It's really out there
Galaxies spin
Ignoring our prayers
Fields of gravity
Crushing space
Waves and particles
Glued into place
By the strong and the weak
The cold and the hot
Radiating light
To a tiny dot
In exploding chaos
There never was a plan
So you better get real
While you still can
It don't mean a thing
Except maybe to us
A flash in the pan
Before we're dust

We were born in water
Without gods
Over eons of time
Against all odds
Slime shook a leg
Took a deep breath
And evolved into predators
Dealing death
Crawling on the land
Climbing up trees
Spreading like a virus
Crossing seas
We became captains
Of our fate
Is it extinction?
Cells of cancer
Killing their host
Better limit growth
Or we'll soon be toast
Just a thin layer
Of oily rock
Is all we'll be
If we sleepwalk

So wise up fast
It's not too late
Respect the future
Don't procreate
More mouths to feed
Is the last thing we need
How dare you breed
It's nothing but greed
No doubt your kids
Will thank you well
For turning Earth
Into living hell
Your precious spawn
Will end up drowned
When they hear your name
They'll spit on the ground
So face the facts
And take a lifetime vow
Of non-procreation
Do it right now
Because the clock's running out
And the world's in pain
And making more babies
Is fucking insane

All music and lyrics by Chris Korda

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