Apologize to the Future

Your life is built on convenient lies
And the time has come to apologize
Corporations lie; that's what they do
But you lie to yourself and that's on you
The climate disasters on your TV
Just couldn't happen to your family
Drowning cities are so unnerving
But the victims must be less deserving
Than you and yours, because you're the best
At working hard to enslave the rest
Of course it had nothing to do with luck
Or a sperm and egg lottery won by a fuck

You pulled yourself up by your bootstraps
Creating jobs, not begging for scraps
You thought the jobless were lazy bums
But they've got guns, and they're not so dumb
The poor you ignored for all those years
Will hunt you down and laugh at your tears
And your very own kids that you claim to adore
Will be fighting for their lives in a climate war
Caused by your system of free enterprise
So get on your knees and apologize
To your kids for the misery they'll endure
And the hellish fate that your greed ensured
For plants and animals and humans too
Made extinct by a sick world view
We'd be better off living in an alien zoo
We're up shit creek with no canoe

We're up shit creek

For the dying seas
For the clear-cut trees
For needless birth
To what's left of earth
For overpopulation
For mass migration
To the United Nations
To future generations

All music and lyrics by Chris Korda

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