It's my future on the line
While you bitches shop and dine
I didn't ask to be born
Into a disaster porn

Remember the film "Titanic"?
How that rich dude was such a dick?
People were glad to see him drown
They'll feel the same this time around

Up in first class, champagne flows
No one says, what everyone knows
Into the deep they'll soon descend
Party, until the bitter end

My future's on the line
While you shop and dine
The end begins
No one wins

The wealthy play at being tough
Private islands won't be enough
Hungry people do what they must
Mansions will be quick to combust

Ostriches in fancy headphones
Canceling inconvenient moans
Eyes averted from evidence
Full speed ahead with decadence

Polar ice caps shatter and melt
Securely fasten your seat belt
Impact implies too late to turn
Nothing to do but crash and burn

Overshoot does not compute
Evolution will now reboot
We'll never know how or when
The tree of life will rise again

Overshoot, the aftermath
So beloved by psychopaths
Civilization goes up in smoke
Intelligent life is a cruel joke

All music and lyrics by Chris Korda

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