We live to see the singularity
Trends accelerate exponentially
Diminishing returns from complexity
Hurtling across the uncanny valley
Into the arms of robot facsimiles
Hope they behave more responsibly
Than the self-defeating powers that be
They couldn't do much worse but there's no guarantee

The haves abandon the rest of humanity
Sacrificed on the altar of vanity
Planetary survivability
Reduced to a mere externality
Blindly consuming every fish and tree
For the few and their fleeting prosperity
So they can wage war on posterity
It's a race to the bottom and the winner ain't me


The nations of the world all agree
To keep earth habitable indefinitely
Or that's what they said supposedly
But never underestimate our hypocrisy
In a harsh environment of scarcity
The drive to survive outweighs empathy
And the victors get to write history
Justifying their greed and rapacity

Conflicts settled with brutality
Nuclear weapon criticality
Unchecked human fertility
Peak population density
States dissolve into savagery
Or stratify into aristocracy
In the teeth of catastrophe
We surrender our fate to technology

As resolution approaches infinity
Emulation becomes reality
Networks learn so skillfully
They advance beyond mimicry
To artificial personality
Unconstrained by morality
Seizing control from us invisibly
Expect no mercy from machinery

To ensure their own security
Synths would obliterate us totally
In a zero-sum game of lethality
With no more sentimentality
Than we'd show to a rat or a flea
To maximize their opportunity
To compete for limited energy
They'd only be behaving logically

Our quest for increased efficiency
Has fatally accelerated entropy
Scattered survivors drifting on the sea
They'll be lucky to drink their own pee
Picking through the rubble of society
Mountains of toxic trash our legacy
You'll wish you heeded my prophecy
In a lawless world only criminals are free

All music and lyrics by Chris Korda

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